Jan Lundqvist

University of Delvare (Static)

Professor Jan Lundqvist is a recognized expert in water, food & nutrition security, human behaviour and related policy issues. He is a Senior Scientific Adviser at Stockholm International Water Institute, SIWI. Currently, he is engaged in a program on ‘Nutrition Water Productivity’ together with colleagues at FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations). He is co-leading a working group on ‘Water for Nutrition’ within the Water Scarcity in Agriculture (WASAG) network.

Focus of his research is on how to best use increasingly uncertain water resources for socioeconomic well-being in line with e.g. SDG targets 6.4, 2.2 and 12.3. Analyses of a necessary rural transformation in a direction of ‘more nutrition per drop’ is widening the well-known slogan ‘more crop per drop’. His pioneering work, ‘Saving water – from field to fork’ from 2008, points at the interplay between the supply and demand sides of food systems.

Lundqvist’s experience includes work in Eastern and Southern Africa, South Asia and China. His research is characterized by a multi-disciplinary approach. Jan Lundqvist, born May 18, 1942, has extensive experience and networks within academia, the UN system, bi-lateral programs, NGOs, and the private sector.

Alejandro Jiménez

University of Delvare (Static)

Dr. Alejandro Jiménez leads the content development in water governance at the Stockholm International Water Institute, and leads on the WASH portfolio. He has extensive experience in applied research, advisory services, capacity building and program management. Alejandro has been working for fifteen years in the water sector, primarily in water and sanitation services. Working as Water and Sanitation Coordinator for the Spanish NGO ONGAWA at the beginning of his career, gave him a good knowledge of various regions and first-hand experience of the challenges involved in implementation of water and sanitation programs. Later on, he combined his practitioner activity with research and consultancy. He has been participating in and leading consultancy projects for major international agencies in different countries. Additionally, he has published several articles and book chapters, especially in the areas of water and sanitation governance, the definition of monitoring indicators, local governments’ role in the provision of water and sanitation, and the implementation of the human right to water and sanitation.

With a background of civil engineering, Alejandro focused his PhD research to rural water governance in Sub-Saharan Africa, and during 2012-2013 he was enjoying a post-doctoral fellowship on sanitation governance at the Environmental Health Group of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. He joined SIWI in 2013.

Therese Sjömander Magnusson

University of Delvare (Static)

Dr. Therese Sjömander Magnusson is the Chief Operations Officer at Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI ) where she among other things is responsible for the full implementation of SIWI’s strategy on water governance. She was previously the Director for the department working with Transboundary Waters Management at SIWI where she contributed to position the organisation globally in the field of water diplomacy. Holding that position, she also headed the UNESCO International Centre for Water Cooperation (ICWC), hosted by SIWI. Dr. Sjömander Magnusson is a geographer by training and has a PhD in water resources management from Linköping University in Sweden. She has extensive experiences from enabling policy dialogue, providing advice to decision makers, acting as a trusted facilitator in politically sensitive regions, and she has been involved in international water related processes. Before joining SIWI in 2013, she worked for the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA), where she held positions as Senior Adviser for Water Resources Management and Water and Sanitation, regional coordinator of transboundary water cooperation at the Swedish Embassy in Mozambique, as well as the Deputy Head of the Policy Support Unit at SIDA HQ.