Allan Lavell

University of Delvare (Static)

British Citizen resident in Costa Rica, Professor Allan Lavell, attended his graduation course at University College London from 1963 to 1966. Proceeding his studies with a Master degree in economical geography in 1967 and a PhD in economical geography at London School of Economics and Political Sciences in 1971. He has also written more then 92 academic publications. Among his professional activities were included posts like: Coordinator for Latin America and Caribbean of the Social Studies in Disasters Program from the General Secretariat of FLACSO in Costa Rica (1992-2005); Director of the Central American Research Program, CSUCA in San Jose, Costa Rica (1986-1991); Associated Professor of the Demographic and Urban Studies Center at the Mexico College; and Associated Professor and Researcher of the Environmental Studies Center at the Autonomous Metropolitan University, Atzcapotzalco, Mexico. Nowadays, he is Coordinator of FLACSO’s Social Studies, Risks and Disasters Program, and is Coordinator for Central America and Caribbean of the Latin American Social Studies for Disasters Prevention Network (LA RED), besides being main researcher and coordinator of the IAI-LA RED (ENSO and Latin American Risks Pattern), which involves 8 countries.