Is the SDG Academy a university?

No. The SDG Academy is an educational platform offering massive open online courses (MOOC).

What is a MOOC?

A massive open online course is comprehensive, educational content provided in a globally accessible, online format.
Many MOOCs consist of lecture-style videos, assessments, and readings.

How much do the courses cost?

Enrollment in courses is free. Enrollment in specific programs or the acquiring a certificate upon completion of courses may
require payment; please refer to individual courses and programs for details.

Who is eligible to take a course? What are the application requirements or prerequisites?

Anyone with internet access can take an SDG Academy course. There are no applications or prerequisites required for
most courses or programs; please refer to individual courses and programs for details.

How do I sign up for a course?

Find a step-by-step video here and a visual PDF document here.

The course I’m interested in isn’t currently available. Can you give me access? When will it be available next?

Unfortunately, we cannot grant access to course materials on an individual basis. You can sign up for our newsletter or
follow us on social media for updates on course launch dates.

Are the courses available only in English? Can I take this course in my language?

Our courses are primarily developed in English, though we try to offer translated video transcripts within the courses in as
many languages as possible. Please see individual course pages for the available languages for that course.

Can I get academic credit for taking an SDG Academy course?

The SDG Academy is not an accredited educational institution and is not credit-granting.

Where do I access the course materials? Where are the videos, readings, etc.? I am having trouble logging in.

Please ensure the course you signed up for is currently live (i.e. the launch date has been reached); course materials
are not available before that date. Course materials are available through the online platform and associated links;
emails received from course teams do not constitute the full course materials. If you are still having trouble accessing
the materials or logging in, please contact EdX Support for technical support.

Can I download the materials for offline access? Can I download the videos for offline use?

Yes, you can download the reading materials. For many of our courses, videos are also available for download
in order to view them offline; please see individual course videos for download options.

How do I get a certificate? / I haven’t received my certificate.

Certificates are distributed within two days post-course end date. Certificates are earned based on course-specific grading; please see the overview for the course in which you are enrolled for details.

I am a professor/practitioner/corporate sector employee and wish to use the materials in my classes/with my organization. How can I do so?

If you are a professor who is interested in using SDG Academy courses in your classes, please contact us
at upp@sdg.staging. If you are another organization/company, please contact us at partners@sdg.staging.

I have created a course and want to host it on your platform. / I am interested in creating a course that can be shared with your audience.

Please contact us at partners@sdg.staging to discuss course partnerships.