We create and curate free, open educational resources on sustainable development and offer them as a global public good.

Our educational content covers the headline issues and a multitude of interdisciplinary topics related to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, a set of aims and targets adopted by member states of the United Nations in 2015.

massive open online courses to date.

territories 193+
enrollments 600k+
Visitors per country

Our Team

We are a team of experts in international development, policy, pedagogy and content production, passionate about leading global education for sustainable development.

Jeffrey Sachs

President, SDSN

Patrick Paul Walsh

Director, SDG Academy

Amber Webb

Managing Director, SDG Academy

Lucia Rodriguez

Director, Master's in Development Practice Program Secretariat

Kayla Colyard

Education Manager, New York

Sherlina Kaur

Education Manager, Kuala Lumpur

Shannon Kobran

Regional Team Lead for Asia, Kuala Lumpur

Imran Mohd Rasid

Education Manager, Kuala Lumpur

Samantha Thompson

Communications Coordinator, New York

The SDG Academy is made possible through the generous support of the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation.
Support from other donors is gratefully acknowledged.

Our team is also supported by an Academic Advisory Committee that provides strategic guidance and pedagogical input. The current committee is comprised of the following individuals: Padraig Carmody, Trinity College Dublin; Ramu Damodaran, University for Peace; May East, Gaia Education; Dan Groody, University of Notre Dame; Alexander Leicht, UNESCO; Marcia McKenzie, University of Saskatchewan; Elizabeth Lee, Sunway Education Group; Labode Popoola, University of Ibadan; Joanna Rubinstein, World Childhood Foundation; Lisa Sachs, Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment; Chengzhi Yin, Tsinghua University; David Smith, The University of the West Indies; Rocky Tuan, Chinese University of Hong Kong; Eliana Fleifel, University of Waterloo; and Shireen Yacoub, Edraak.

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