SDG Academy Announces Syllabi and Resource Repository

Higher Education for Sustainable Development: Sharing Syllabi and Resources Across Tertiary Modules, Programs, and Degrees.

Educators and researchers across the SDSN-network demonstrate a commitment to embedding sustainable development driven education in the classroom. This dedication is not limited to single lessons or modules but is presented differently across curriculum and context. 

With this ethic in mind, the SDG Academy invites contributions detailing syllabus development, teaching tools, and other general examples of best practices that articulate methods for embedding education for sustainable development (ESD). Submissions should include cases that have worked for you in the past, highlighting examples across all levels and subjects of tertiary education through syllabi and classroom research tools that you have found to be successful in your classroom. We welcome submissions that inform any element of ESD as it relates to teaching and learning practices (sample syllabi, lesson plans, etc.). We primarily seek contributions that focus on higher education teaching and learning at this time: undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral studies. While all submissions do need to be in English, we encourage a robust and localized cohort to apply. 

Diversity in the levels and subjects of the classroom content is encouraged. Submitters are asked to identify which level of education the course has been geared towards, with the following options as a basic outline for consideration:

  1. Teacher Training
  2. Executive Training
  3. Open Access Cert
  4. Under (post) Graduate Elective
  5. Under (post) Core
  6. Under (post) Option
  7. Under (post) Degree Programs 
  8. Under (post) Thesis/Capstone/Placement

Submissions should denote relevant taxonomies including level (prerequisite, undergraduate, postgraduate, and beyond), faculty/department, and methods/curriculum. 

In addition to the traditional ICSD-track, we aim to showcase best practices of syllabi and teaching tools in a forthcoming SDG Academy project to develop a repository of resources. Additionally, we would like to identify the faculty and department under which these resources are being used, even the class level and teaching institution if you are comfortable with disclosing the full context of your classroom cohort. Additional details that would be interesting to note include – how many students are traditionally enrolled in this course? What year was this curriculum last updated? Any novel pedagogies that you have found successful in implementing the lessons? How can this be adapted to in-person vs. virtual classes?

The collection of resources will be two-fold. If you would like the chance to showcase your work then we encourage you to submit to the ICSD theme – Higher Education for Sustainable Development: Sharing Syllabi and Resources Across Tertiary Modules, Programs, and Degrees. If submitting to ICSD, applications will be considered for the traditional oral or poster presentations, as selected by the scientific committee. Additionally, applicants can submit their resources to the account for consideration.