SDG Academy Course Wins FORUM PA Award

The SDG Academy is very pleased to announce that our course Sustainable Food Systems: A Mediterranean Perspective was named a “best project in the field of Human Capital and Education” during FORUM PA Challenge 2018. The FORUM PA Challenge looks to find, collect, and make available innovative solutions to the many small and big problems in Italian society. Congratulations to course partners the Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition, the Università di Siena, and SDSN Mediterranean on this achievement!

The “Sustainable PA Award: 100 projects to achieve the objectives of the Agenda 2030,” is an initiative promoted by FPA, in collaboration with ASviS, aimed at collecting the best projects and products that promote sustainable growth and achievement of Agenda 2030 in Italy. FPA, part of the Digital 360 Group, supports networking and collaboration between public administration, companies, research institutions, and civil society. ASviS, the Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development, works to promote the SDGs among Italian stakeholders.

Produced in partnership with the Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition, the Università di Siena, and SDSN MediterraneanSustainable Food Systems: A Mediterranean Perspective discusses the challenges and opportunities of the agricultural sector in the Mediterranean basin. It summarizes global-to-local challenges related to achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals; outlines the history and culture of agriculture and its main characteristics with a focus on the “Mediterranean diet”; explains agricultural data with a focus on rural development models and value creation; explores EU policy frameworks and international agreements related to food and agriculture in the Mediterranean; and highlights emerging opportunities linked to innovation and sustainability in the sector.

The 10-module course is self-paced and available for immediate enrollment any time. Enroll now on!