The SDG Academy opens a new office in Kuala Lumpur!

The SDG Academy is excited to announce the addition of a new team in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! The new team will work alongside our colleagues in New York City. 

As part of SDSN Asia, hosted by Sunway University’s Jeffrey Sachs Center on Sustainable Development, the SDG Academy’s Kuala Lumpur office will draw on the expertise of the region to create and curate content for both local and global audiences. 

Along with the rest of our SDSN Asia colleagues, the SDG Academy’s expansion into Asia provides an important opportunity to amplify the challenges, opportunities, and best practices of sustainable development in this vitally important part of the world. We are deeply grateful to be hosted by Sunway University and inspired by the moral leadership and generosity of its chairman, Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah, and the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation, which has renewed its support for SDSN with a gift of eight million USD over five years.

“All of us here at Sunway Group are determined to do our part towards advancing the sustainable development agenda in this part of the world. I am grateful to SDSN for establishing at Sunway University one of the three global SDSN centers to oversee continent-wide sustainability initiatives in Asia.” – Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr. Jeffrey Cheah AO, Founder and Chairman, Sunway Group 

In addition to managing the SDG Academy’s ever-expanding catalog of free online educational resources, the Kuala Lumpur office will also oversee our global Online Master’s initiative, supporting current and future partners in the delivery of these dynamic online degree programs. 

Crucially, the SDG Academy Kuala Lumpur office will serve as the hub of Mission 4.7, the ambitious global initiative launched in December 2020 to achieve SDG Target 4.7 and advance transformative education for sustainable development around the world. The Kuala Lumpur team will continue to support our Mission 4.7 Secretariat partners at UNESCO, the Ban Ki-moon Centre for Global Citizens, Global Schools, and Columbia University’s Center for Sustainable Development in the administration of the initiative; as well develop new resources for policymakers, educators, and learners in Malaysia and beyond.

“At the SDG Academy, we are delighted to extend our footprint in Asia to not just reach out to more learners in the region, but also leverage Asian expertise and experience to create better and more relevant educational content on sustainable development.” – Chandrika Bahadur, Director, SDG Academy

We are pleased to welcome two new Education Managers in the Kuala Lumpur office to the SDG Academy team who bring with them a wealth of experience in project management and curricular reform and a critical understanding of sustainable development in the Southeast Asian context. The SDG Academy Kuala Lumpur team is led by Shannon Kobran, who previously served in our New York office.