In view of our world’s multiple challenges, to craft and implement solutions requires skilled and dedicated professionals across fields and geographies. This is why SDSN and its SDG Academy are working with universities around the world to offer Online Master’s Programs in Sustainable Development that will help prepare students with the tools, skills, and knowledge to build a fulfilling and challenging career tackling the world’s biggest challenges.

The Programs

The Sunway University Master’s in Sustainable Development Management (MSDM)

Sunway University offers a 12-month, full-time Master’s in Sustainable Development Management (MSDM) program that will equip students with the system-level thinking essential for achieving sustainable development (e.g. natural earth systems, socio-political stability); in-depth technical expertise in two fields of concentration (e.g. green urbanization, economic development); management skills (e.g. effective governance in public and private organizations); and research ability (e.g. geographic information system). The classes will be held at time slots convenient to students located in the geographical area from New Zealand to Turkey. The program will consist of four 11-week terms.

The UCD M.Sc. in Sustainable Development

The UCD M.Sc. in Sustainable Development offers cutting-edge, multi-disciplinary, and trans-disciplinary learning for the SDGs. The core elements of the Master’s require students to study the SDGs at the national level, city level, and through an SDG project. The program will include a wide range of electives to cover the SDG agenda, such as social justice, climate change, industrial economics, food systems, and public health. The Master’s is a one-year, full-time program, but can be taken part-time over two years or more.

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