Tirnud Paichayontvijit

Dr. Tirnud (Meg) Paichayontvijit is an economics lecturer and researcher with a passion for exploring innovative financing mechanisms that can drive social impact. With a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Auckland, Dr. Tirnud has spent the last decade teaching and researching at academic institutions around the world.  

Dr. Tirnud’s primary area of expertise is experimental economics, where she conducts research that involves designing and running controlled laboratory experiments to better understand economic behavior. Her research has explored a wide range of topics, including decision-making under risk and uncertainty, and the impact of social norms and institutions on economic outcomes.  

In addition to her work in experimental economics, Dr. Tirnud is passionate about the education and role of innovative financing mechanisms in driving social impact. She has worked on several research projects exploring the potential of impact investment funds, social impact bonds, and other innovative financing mechanisms to support social enterprises and other organizations working to address pressing social challenges.