Leonie Nagarajan

Leonie Nagarajan is an expert in Education Diplomacy, EdTech and Sustainability. Based in Singapore, she is the Co-founder of EQator, an ideation-to-execution consultancy that works at the intersection of education, technology and climate change. 

As the former Director of the Education Department at the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF), she led large scale cross-continental programmes across 51 countries in Asia and Europe on education policies, higher & secondary education cooperation, lifelong learning as well as youth leadership. Complementing her work in international education, she serves as an Ministry of Education-appointed Advisory Board Member at a public Primary School in Singapore, driving local initiatives in the field of inclusion, mental health & well-being as well as environmental education with several Parents Support Groups. 

Leonie received her Master’s degree in Communication Sciences from the Free University in Berlin, with minors in Cultural and Political Sciences.


Published Works:

STEM and ESD: Innovative Teaching and Learning through IoT, Big Data & AI. Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF). 2022 

Sustainable Urbanisation and Digital Innovations: Perspectives from ASEM Youth. Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF). 2022 

ASEM Youth Report: Insights into Young Adults’ Leadership Experiences & Aspirations in ASEM Countries. Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF)/Center for Creative Leadership (CCL). 2021 

ARC8 Outlook Report 2030: Inclusive and Diverse Higher Education in Asia and Europe. Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF). 2021.