Jörn Schmidt

A multidisciplinary specialist, Dr. Jörn Schmidt is Postdoctoral Fellow currently working in the realm of social-ecological systems and concepts of sustainability in the ocean in the Environmental, Resource and Ecological Economics at Kiel University, Germany. His research incorporates questions about transitioning from single to multi-species fisheries management, science communication with stakeholders, the use of games for education and communication (e.g., ‘ecoOcean’) and the application of coupled models in developing practical management advice. In 2012 he became the German representative in the Science Committee (SCICOM) and is a member of the Publication Committee (PUBCOM) of the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES). He is co-chair of the ICES Benchmark Steering Group (BSG) and the ICES Strategic Initiative on the Human Dimension in Integrated Ecosystem Assessments (SIHD).