Alejandro Jiménez

Dr. Alejandro Jiménez leads the content development in water governance at the Stockholm International Water Institute, and leads on the WASH portfolio. He has extensive experience in applied research, advisory services, capacity building and program management. Alejandro has been working for fifteen years in the water sector, primarily in water and sanitation services. Working as Water and Sanitation Coordinator for the Spanish NGO ONGAWA at the beginning of his career, gave him a good knowledge of various regions and first-hand experience of the challenges involved in implementation of water and sanitation programs. Later on, he combined his practitioner activity with research and consultancy. He has been participating in and leading consultancy projects for major international agencies in different countries. Additionally, he has published several articles and book chapters, especially in the areas of water and sanitation governance, the definition of monitoring indicators, local governments’ role in the provision of water and sanitation, and the implementation of the human right to water and sanitation.

With a background of civil engineering, Alejandro focused his PhD research to rural water governance in Sub-Saharan Africa, and during 2012-2013 he was enjoying a post-doctoral fellowship on sanitation governance at the Environmental Health Group of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. He joined SIWI in 2013.