Reema Tayyem

Dr. Tayyem is a PhD holder in clinical nutrition and she was the head of clinical nutrition and dietetics Department at The Faculty of Allied Health Sciences at The Hashemite University. Dr. Tayyem is an associate professor in clinical nutrition, one of the few distinguished and well-known in Jordan in the field of nutrition, she is a writer in a Alrai newspaper since 2001. Many episodes on TV in many channels such as Jordanian channel, MBC, A1tv, Asenayea , Al-Aqsa and Jerusalem channel, as well as on the radio in the lives of Hayat FM radio, Jordan Radio and Albalad radio were conducted by Dr. Tayyem. She received numerous awards and grants by global grant UNESCO – L’Oreal for young researchers in France and for studying the benefit of turmeric in preventing cancer at the University of California San Diego, USA, additionally, she had been nominated for best young researcher in 2003 and this award is being presented by University of Jordan. Dr. Tayyem received an award for the best research in the field of nutrition, “Competition on the best scientific research in nutrition and food science” in 2002. In addition, many projects undertaken by Dr. Tayyem have been supported from inside and outside Jordan. Dr. Tayyem is accredited by many research centers. Dr. Tayyem is a member of the Scientific Committee of the Jordanian Society for the care of patients with diabetes, and a member of several committees of the Higher Council for Science and Technology. Additionally, she is a member of the Cultural Committee and the Committee on Scientific Research in the Jordanian Society for Scientific Research. She Supervised and participated in the defense of several of master degree theses at the University of Jordan and Jordan university of Science and Technology. She registered a patent in the field of nutrition. Receiving fund from the European project SRTD to establish a nutrition center specialized in pediatrics and maternal nutrition enabling her to launch this type of nutrition center which is considered the first of its kind in Jordan and she is currently the director of the Nutriway Center.