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A strong internet connection that can support viewing a live broadcast and/or accessing supplementary materials

Join Prof. Jeffrey Sachs
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Join Prof. Jeffrey Sachs
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Read about
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Hear from a new author each month


All information about the Book Club with Jeffrey Sachs can be found at

The Book Club with Jeffrey Sachs is a free global forum to discuss outstanding, recently-published work that examines the most important topics for humanity.

Hosted by Columbia University Professor Jeffrey Sachs, the eminent thought-leader in economics and sustainable development, the Book Club features monthly conversations with renowned authors about their groundbreaking work in sustainability, economics, history, social justice, and more.

Members are encouraged to join the Book Club's interactive platform for book excerpts, supplementary resources, and a discussion forum where they can connect with other members from around the world. Live conversations will be held via Zoom webinar and can also be viewed on the SDG Academy YouTube Channel. Conversations are also available through the Book Club with Jeffrey Sachs podcast, available on all major podcast platforms.


Each month the Book Club will feature work that tackles issues such as:

  • The place of nuclear weapons in a post-World War II society;
  • Racial segregation in America and the government policies designed to separate people based on race;
  • The complex history of war in and against Palestine;
  • The need to reorganize our governments and our economies to solve today’s “wicked problems”;
  • and much more…

Lead Faculty

  • Faculty Image

    Jeffrey Sachs

    Columbia University

  • Faculty Image

    Martin J. Sherwin

  • Faculty Image

    Richard Rothstein

  • Faculty Image

    Rashid Khalidi

  • Faculty Image

    Mariana Mazzucato

  • Faculty Image

    Robert Lustig

  • Faculty Image

    Patricia Sullivan

  • Faculty Image

    Rick Perlstein

  • Faculty Image

    Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz

  • Faculty Image

    Eric Foner

  • Faculty Image

    Corey Robin

  • Faculty Image

    Heather Cox Richardson

    Boston College

This course is for

Policy professionals, practitioners, advanced undergraduates and graduate students, and all readers interested in engaging in these thoughtful and inspiring conversations.


Course logistics and requirements

  • The Book Club is not a course in the traditional sense, but members are encouraged to join the Book Club on edX to access resources and engage in discussions.
  • Members of the Book Club are strongly encouraged (but not required) to read the book before each live conversation. Excerpts and links to purchase the books can be found in the edX platform.
  • Members are not required to join the Book Club on edX to access the monthly author conversations. Visit to find registration links for each webinar.


The Book Club on edX is listed as "Audit Only," and does not include any graded assessments. Therefore, there is no option to earn a certificate.